After living for 4 years with chronic pain caused by ____________   and degenerative hips that no longer functioned on their own without needing a full replacement.  

My whole life seemed to be put on hold during that 4 years.  It felt like it was on standby waiting for the day that it was all going to go away and I could move forward.  My journey was gradual.  It encountered good days, dark days and days of mixed emotions.

Everyone around me carried on, I just got through each day...

Keeping motivated and positive played an important role in my recovery.  My home (my bubble) was my safe place and it took courage to step out of it.

This time can be a lonely and desperate one.  In time we can gain back our confidence, our self worth and feel like we can live again.   

We step out into a new world, that isn't quite the same as the one before, but it's one that we can live, appreciate and embrace.  

 that's why I'm making it my mission to help other women to overcome their fears, get back their confidence and self-worth.