Reconnecting With Your Inner You: Finding Your Innate Source Of Joy!

Every human was born with a default thinking system. You were you before you ever made contact with your external environment. There was an inherent desire to know, to explore, to feel. There was an innocent and easy-to-please spirit within you. You would chuckle and even laugh out loud in in joy limitless at the littlest of things. Your soul was at peace. This was you.

But then, the environment started taking a hold. Your thought patterns started getting affected by the words of others. Your parents, friends, news on TV, social media, things you hear from strangers, criticism, people's opinions about you and other things unrelated to your person, and as well their desires and expectations of you.

Before long, your innate consciousness gave way to your acquired consciousness. Your innate source of joy slowly, but gradually, was replaced by your acquired sense of what you truly want.

And what happens? Soon, you, and virtually every young adult human out there, begin to crave those things you think you want, things which actually were brought to your consciousness by your flawed external environment -- things you knew jack about but still could laugh your heart out as a child.

Life was simple. Life was filled with so much joy before your innate source of joy became overshadowed.

It's no wonder why most of us now chase after dreams that are not even truly ours. It's why, even after we achieve those dreams, we still aren't happy. We don't have that eternal peace and satisfaction we thought we'd have when grasping all we thought we wanted. The money and the fame, in the end, you realise none of that matters.

Now is the time to reflect within and connect back to your inner you, your innate you. The you before your consciousness was externally influenced.

Reflect on your five senses. What sights, tastes, sounds, smells, touches or feelings once made you leap for joy?

Was it the sight of watching dogs playing? Was it cooking, hiking, giving to people, reading a book, or simply telling someone you love them?

As simplistic as these things may seem, they are what brought us joy in our childhood.

There, right there, is where you find your inner you. Connect with it once more and find that ultimate satisfaction you now seek.

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