Pain Tolerance - How I Took My Pain Out On Others!

Did you realise how your pain affected your personality and those that were close to you. Can you think back to the time when your pain was at a high level and your tolerance to it was at an all time low.

In this article I want to tell you about an incident that made me realise just what I was doing.

We all have a different pain threshold. Some cope with a much higher level of pain than others. When your pain threshold is low, we can become quite snappy and short with those around us. We don't mean to be (we don't even understand ourselves what we are doing) but it can put a strain on our friendships, our relationships and our family.

There was a particular incident that I still think about often. A time that I was taking my pain out on others. It was when I was patiently waiting for my first hip replacement (well I thought I was being patient). The incident went something like this

"All I wanted this particular morning, was to get into a pool to take the pressure off my back and hopefully improve my day. I was in a lot of pain and still using my crutches to get around. I got to the reception desk and swiped my membership card, only to find that my last payment on my membership had declined and my account needed to be reset. I couldn't use the pool. Money was tight at the time. We were on one income because I couldn't work and this was just another problem to add to my day. The receptionist tried to reset my account and whilst I can't remember what it was that she had to do, it was taking what seemed a long time and I just lost the plot. I was angry at her and spoke to her in such an awful way. I left without the swim. I probably made her day bad and embarrassed her and it was probably not half as bad as it really was. A week later I went back to apologise to her. "

This was not who I was as a person, but my pain tolerance at the time caused me to take it out on somebody who really didn't deserve it."

Have you experienced anything like this, and does it sound familiar to you?

There are ways to manage pain and to help to try and bring that tolerance up so it is tolerable and manageable. You may have been given an exercise program to help with simple exercises. If you haven't then seek some help to get some basic exercises to help start your day.

Take a look at your diet. Are certain foods making you feel uncomfortable and are you overeating. You don't have to go all out cutting out foods, but just have a look at what you are eating and are there healthier options.

If you don't do it already, journaling can be really helpful. Writing down what makes you happy and how you can make some of these things happen. Write down what you are grateful and how you can add more of them into your life. You can also take advantage of my FREEBIES coaching lessons to help with journaling.

Write a feel good list. Keep it handy and go back to it whenever you need to. Keep it as a reminder of how you can feel and use it regularly or a list of distractions that you can refer to whenever you are feeling quite low.

Get out and socialise. When we are alone a lot we overthink things and our pain tolerance becomes lower. While we are socialising we aren't thinking about it so much and it becomes more bearable and manageable.

Get plenty of sleep and rest. If you are having trouble sleeping, try meditation apps for sleep. These can help to wind down and let you drift off to sleep relaxed. I always enjoy a nice warm cup of chamomile tea as well before bed.

Self-care activities are important so don't forget to practice these by keeping it simple. A hot shower. Reading a book. Walking the dog. Watching a movie.


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