Nothing To Lose - Everything To Gain!

How long have you been sitting there... How long have you been in the too comfortable zone? Do you actually even know or realise if you are too comfortable. When we get into this comfort zone we feel confident, relaxed, secure, snug even - it's an easy place to be right?

The question I put to you is, "have you outstayed your Welcome?

So, if you are in the place that I was, you have got to the stage where your pain is quite manageable. You are feeling comfortable right there. But putting off doing new things are going to be uncomfortable. So how are you going to take action and move forward?

When was the last time you tried something new?

Do you need to think long about this question. Have you already started with the excuses, not enough time, can't afford to....! Stop it right now and really think about what you have done recently that is new. When you did that something new, did it make you feel uncomfortable or did it actually feel good in the end. Did you feel more confident once you had done it. And, then did you lose anything or did you gain.

Trying something new that you have never done before can be quite challenging. It takes us out of our comfort zone. And, it can even be more challenging if it was actually something you did before you experienced injury, sickness, trauma. That something that you did that made you really happy - has been much harder to go back to.

It maybe that the original activity that you did, may need to be altered slightly to allow you to get back to that. So you can look at it, as something new that you can overcome. But it must always be manageable. Make it too hard and you will never get back to it. Be kind to yourself!

How much are you learning and growing right now?

Is the something new that you have never tried, a way for you to learn something new. Will it help you to grow and improve in an area you know you need to.

Say to yourself, "if I learn something new I have nothing to lose, only to gain."

Do you feel like you're doing too much - or not enough?

How can you measure this. I use a great coaching tool that you can mark where you feel you sit on the 'comfort continuum'. Does where you are on the COMFORT CONTINUUM serve you and your goals? Are you Uncomfortable - Comfortable or Asleep.

I knew I was too comfortable when I was looking for something. I really didn't know what that was at the time. Before I got to the Ah..ha.. moment, I found myself asking questions, but afraid to take the Action. I needed a change in my mindset. I needed a support network and I needed a push.

I was comfortable, feeling secure and confident in my own little bubble and the next step meant that suddenly I was no longer feeling confident. I was feeling anxious and I was terrified of stepping out from my security blanket.

So I had been putting off the inevitable. I had to try something new to get me out of the comfort zone. I found a good support network, I overcame my fears by using simple tools that I had never thought of before. I share some of these tools in my coaching programme FREEBIES life coaching activities.

I want you to take Action. Don't sit in the too comfortable zone. Gain back the confidence, the self-worth and lose the anxiety that your life is better off without.

Renew You & Love Life

Debbie Xx

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