No To Perfectionism!

Letting go of perfectionism is key to confidence and productivity.

Imagine a case scenario. You have about four math questions to answer in a two-hour exam. Each should take about 30 minutes of your time.

You begin with the first question, and along the way, you run into a jam. Perhaps, you're already almost done with that answer, but there's something you can't remember that prevents you from proceeding.

Now, what you've written is enough to earn you a sharp pass for that particular question. But instead of leaving it for the moment to start the next, you rack your brain relentlessly for ages simply because you desire nothing less than a 100% score.

In the end, you run out of time and can't finish up the other questions, even when you could have handled them excellently. Results were called, and you scored far below average.

What denied you of your well-deserved grade was you clung too hard to perfectionism.

Although perfection is admirable, perfectionism is an enemy of productivity. It's an obsessive personality that denies you the ability to get more done because you try so hard to make every little detail as perfect as can be.

But the greatest negative impact of perfectionism is how it affects the mind, making you feel less worthy while also being critical of the efforts of others.

Why? Because no matter how hard you try, perfection (excellence in all ramifications) is a state that cannot be attained.

As Rosalynn Carter rightly said, "Once you accept the fact that you're not perfect, you develop some confidence."

No one can be perfect.

You can only be very good or exceptional in some areas. Rather than focusing your strength on your weaknesses, do more with your strength, and you'll see how much more productive you become.

We should only admire perfection rather than love it, according to Emma-Louise Elsey. The moment you desire and cling to perfection, you begin to dwell not only on your flaws but those of others. You begin to demand perfection from them as well. And how limiting that can be to everyone's happiness.

In short, perfectionism is a dis-ease to the human mind.

Lower your standards.

Realise that you're amazing just the way you are and do what you can,

no matter how little it may seem.


Debbie xx

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